Tuesday, 30 June 2020


 Volleyball Skill Development

During the volleyball season my class and i were practising our new skills and this is our first day for volleyball and we were excited to play volleyball with my class. My class and I have compassion. There is one team and another team my coach taught us those skills and we remember the skills. After that me and my class the bell rang and we had lunch and after lunch we played outside and we were super  happy about volleyball and we were excited and we and we were so happy. and we were so excited and after when we came back from lunch we sat down and work.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

my new zealand creature

my animal is a sea lion i like it because it is my favourite animal i like because it has a baby and a dad and a family. My animal is the best because it has a sharp teeth and a tail and it can bite people and they take a one whole bite of a people i like it because they look like a lion but they have a baby cousin.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

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Thursday, 4 June 2020


Home Movie Clip "Your Car Is Infested" - YouTube

Home is my  favourite movie because I like it because it is my favourite movie because I'm has lot of characters and lot of funny stuff and I like it because they have best friends and having the best friends  I'll I like because it has cat  and has lot of characters and lot of  has  lost character weI liked it because I had lot of funny stuff and tagged lot of pictures and characters and not of favourite friends and I like the I like everything because I'm at so funny because of I'm put up the I like him because he always funny and eats lot of people and lot of everything. I liked it because I had a lot of cool stuff and a lot of the engine of the car because it's so cool and I like the song because it makes me feel good and so sad I like you because I had long characters and not funny stuff. I like it because my favourites for that have a lot of Max so they can eat snacks and drinks.

my holidays

During the holidays my family and I were playing fortnite and moto kombat. We had so much fun playing it and we had two controllers. Baba was at our house and we landed at shark island and agency and we landed anywhere we had to play nice and we had snacks. After that we bullied a fort next to the Kitchen and we were having so much fun playing it and last night we went on our netbook for like an hour and we played with our little brother called mahe and we have three brothers called mahe and laurence and I are brother’s.

red panda

When? today.
What? We look at the creature.
Why? To look at the creature when they die. 
How? We walk.

At the string we said hi to Frazer. And Frazer let us look at the plants. And room 6 was looking at the chain. And 
Where? At glen innes bridge.Mr. Frazer took us down the road. And we were looking at the water and we saw a bucket with water. And we saw a lot of creatures in a bucket with water. And there we  were picking up rubbish from the floor on the grass. There was an ant swimming in the water in a bucket. And me and Alfonsus and David pick up lots of rubbish. 

When we went to Glen Innes bridge in Glen innes. And we saw clean water. And it was with cans and rubbish. When we got there it was a big clear. Room 6 was excited and me and Alfonsus and David picked up rubbish to be clean. And when we finish we pick up something on the floor. And we had so much fun.

my weekend

During the weekend we played fortnite and we were playing moto kombat and i were playing with lose and when we play we have to do our chores and we can play and we were played some at night time we turn of the ps4 and on sunday we played and i played on my uncles ps4 and laurence was playing on my dad’s one we played creative and duos and solo i got 10 kills on fortnite chapter2 and season2 and we played wwe game.